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A SOUL BARED: the truths of a life-loving optimist, whole woman, singer, journeyer, who has her entire life been burdened by a forgotten disease.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pain poem by Laura Tattoo

There must be a more efficient way to link to another blog but wanted to share the latest entry by the wonderful Laura Tattoo - an artist in every sense trying to make her way through pain and M.E. As Christmas comes she says it all for me (as she always does).

From Laura's heart and suffering and truth:

To Endure Or Not To Endure?

This will be an honest blog about endurance in the face of what may be unendurable. Too much physical pain, too many years lost. Living on my sofa which is my bed and TRYING.
Thank god for the internet and the window it supplies but what I am reading about the injustices of our current world is making me angry. Other sick people are now being forced to live as have lived.

If I remove my mask(s) perhaps it will help myself and others.

Just using the blog site's template but it's very appropriate as the dandelion clock blows away in the wind and all the years of my adult life blow away in its constant struggle against a terrible illness that carries a terrible prejudice and an awful neglect.